These are your advantages in studying at the INU

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We are an online university where you can organise your full-time or part-time studies virtually with maximum flexibility in terms of time. You can expect short and concise learning units, complementary live events and personal support. Maximum freedom, flexibility and mobility with a modern didactic concept.

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These are the advantages of your INU degree programme


Our slogan is “study, work and travel” – but what exactly does that mean?
It is the great freedom in terms of time and location that makes studying at our online college special.
Multi-day excursions abroad, multi-week language courses abroad or a whole semester abroad?

This is possible at the INU, so don’t miss out!
A work-and-travel trip to New Zealand or to surf in Hawaii – and (continuing) studying while you are there? With the INU’s extremely flexible concept, no problem!

But even if you are already working, have to travel a lot, have a family or care for relatives, you benefit from being able to freely divide your time: You study when your time window allows, traveling your own personal path to success:
Design your Success!

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A degree course
to suit your needs

Studying has never been so easy! To take advantage of our interactive and dialog-oriented lectures and events, you don’t need more than a smartphone, tablet or laptop, with which you can log in live from anywhere in the world.

You can access other content in the same way whenever you have time. All this opens up completely new possibilities for you to combine a qualified degree with your other commitments or interests in a very flexible way!

And if you want to enjoy some university atmosphere and to meet fellow students?

Then come to our campus in Cologne! Because of course you can also personally visit some of our events – the choice is yours!

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Studying is not just learning. University days are also unforgettable as, during this time, you experience interesting people, stimulating conversations and a great community.
Of course, this also applies to studying at the INU! Here you complete your chosen degree course in a cohort together with your fellow students.

At any time you can join virtual study groups, exchange information with each other digitally or in person and participate in live events on the campus together. And the university team of the INU is also available for you, both via digital channels and for personal contact.

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Fit for the future

Choose what you want to study

No matter which degree course you choose: A degree from the INU is a valuable international and intercultural qualification that prepares you for an interesting and responsible professional life in Germany, in Europe and worldwide! You get deep into the major issues of our time in the context of sustainability, digitalization and globalization, analyze their impact on business and society, and acquire knowledge and strategies to develop answers to pressing questions in your field.

With all this you create the perfect conditions for a quick career start and great career opportunities!

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Fit for the future

An overview of our courses

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Are you interested in a course of study at the interface between people, business, digitalization and globalization? And you want to put people at the center of your work?

Then the psychology program is just right for you.

Professional fields such as organizational consulting, human resources development or occupational health and safety offer exciting tasks and attractive career options for psychologists.*

Have we aroused your interest?

At INU you can study psychology full-time or part-time, without NC and waiting semesters!

* The degree does not entitle the student to subsequent psychotherapeutic training!

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Are you interested in topics of business administration from the perspective of industrial and organizational psychology, market, advertising and media psychology or health psychology?

Then take a closer look at the Business Psychology program. Here you will learn strategies, methods and tools that can be used to adapt operational processes to the requirements of a globalized world without overburdening the working people or leaving them behind.

A degree from INU is the key to attractive job entry options and career opportunities in national as well as international management!

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

International Business Administration

You see your professional future in the international economy?
Are you interested in business and economic topics as well as legal issues?

The program allows you to focus on the topics of international management and marketing as well as sustainability. You will learn to develop solutions to current issues relating to digital transformation and optimization of business processes.
With its intercultural orientation, your degree in International Business Administration prepares you for a wide range of professional fields and a management position in nationally and internationally operating companies or organizations.

full-time course

Duration of study 36 months

Are you a high school graduate looking for an exciting alternative to traditional on-site or distance study programs? Then you have the chance to take your bachelor’s degree in an innovative online study program in just 36 months!

  • Make use of the possibilities of our “Study, Work & Travel” options

  • Combine your studies with personal travel activities or language courses and excursions abroad or complete entire semesters abroad
    (virtually and/or in person) in a country of your choice

  • Benefit from the variety of personal support options and our lecture, study and event offerings “on campus”

  • Establish personal contact with your fellow students and the INU team, virtually and live on campus, at lectures and events

  • The choice is yours: Start in the summer or winter semester
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Graphic for the Bachelor in part time

part-time course

Duration of study 48 months

Do you have personal or family obligations, are you working or do you have limited time for other reasons? Your further qualification is important to you, but on-site study or a conventional online degree is out of the question for you? Then take advantage of your chance to study part-time, online and extremely flexibly, and complete your bachelor’s degree in just 48 months!

  • Combine the varied options of an online degree, flexible in terms of time and location, with our lecture, study and event offerings “on campus” and comprehensive personal support
  • Establish personal contact with your fellow students and the INU team, virtually and live on campus, at lectures and events
  • Take advantage of the possibilities offered by our “Study, Work & Travel” programs, such as language trips, excursions abroad or even a semester abroad (virtually and/or in person)
  • The choice is yours: Start in the summer or winter semester
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Your personal guide
through your studies:

The INU is an innovative online university where you have great freedom to individually shape the general framework of your studies. The INU APP acts as your personal educational assistant from the first day until graduation, showing you the way from your application, through your studies, and to your career.

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The start-up phase – your application

The INU APP will help you choose the right course of study at the INU. Here you will find all the relevant information, from admission requirements and tuition fees to possible financial support and taster courses, and from personal online advice to digital submission of your application documents.

In the start-up phase, you find your bearings: What are the objectives for my course, where do I obtain further information and who are my contacts?

You will find out what requirements and entry conditions must be met, how, when and where you can apply, and what career options will be waiting for you after you have completed your studies.

You can also find out about the various possibilities of student funding and the scholarships offered by INU.

Your application is completely handled online, directly via the INU APP or the INU homepage.

Still not sure? Then arrange a direct personal consultation appointment or request further information material. You are also welcome to attend one of the sample lectures that are stored in the INU APP or to participate in an online event.

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The work-on phase – your studies

After successful application and admission to your studies, you will receive the approval for your study program (“work-on”). From now on, you can organize all of your studies on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The INU APP is always there and keeps all information ready for you – digital, interactive and always up to date.

Your interactive timetable is stored for you in the INU APP. From here you will attend online lectures and access all required documents.

Checking the examination schedule for the current semester or logging out from an examination?
It works via the INU APP.

Getting an overview of already taken exams or an up-to-date study certificate? It works via the INU APP – at the push of a button and without the need to make any applications.

The INU APP provides you with everything you require for an innovative and barrier-free online degree course.

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The follow-up phase – your career

In the final phase of your studies we prepare you for entry into your professional life and your career planning. You will receive comprehensive support in the preparation of your application and, via the INU APP, access to the platform of cooperation partners of the INU Institute, where selected job offers await you. Shortly before you graduate you can also connect to the INU alumni network.

One APP, many options!

Towards the end of your studies, the INU APP’s follow-up area offers you comprehensive help in preparing for and planning your career. The program includes personal vocational and career counseling, support in the development of your application documents, the selection and placement of a suitable job and much more.

Or would you first like to top off your studies with a Master’s degree?
After completing your Bachelor’s degree, you can also use the INU APP to apply for additional Master’s programs at the INU, which are expected to be offered from the winter semester of 2024.

The contact details of the mentors in the INU database are available to you via the alumni network, which will still be there for you after you have finished your studies, and via which you can of course keep in touch with your former fellow students.
The INU regularly organizes alumni events and guest lectures, for which you also register by means of the INU APP. And if you want to follow the research results of the INU Institute: Look in the APP.

Maybe you want to become an INU mentor yourself after your degree?
You have so many opportunities – use them!

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It is nice that you have decided to learn everything about your studies and the INU – Innovative School of Applied Sciences. Request your information material here – free of charge and without obligation.

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