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Take advantage of opportunities to change colleges or majors!

You want to study "WoAnders"? When is the best time to change colleges or majors? It depends on your individual situation. Changing colleges or majors in the first few semesters is often easier because you haven't taken as many exams yet and have less time and money invested. Of course, sometimes it can also make sense to consider a change later, when you already have an idea of the direction you want to take professionally and realize that your field of study is not the right one.
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WhereAnders study...

You are still unsure? We are happy to help you make the right decision!

INU is an innovative online university that makes “WoAnders” studying possible for you. And that in a double sense!

You can study full-time or part-time with maximum time flexibility virtually and on-campus. For example, you would like to stay “WoAnders” during your studies and travel the world or experience a foreign culture? No problem! With our flexible study options and digital teaching formats, you can continue and advance your studies from anywhere in the world, despite traveling or working. Thereby you are with our unique concept Study, Work & Travel” you are independent in terms of time and place, and at the same time you can further your education and gain valuable experience. Through your digital educational companion, the INU-APP, you can conveniently access your individual learning content and work toward a qualified degree from your place of desire.

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WhereAnders study...

So if you want to study "WoAnders", INU is the right choice for you!

Changing colleges or majors can be a wise decision for a variety of reasons.

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Sometimes it turns out that the type of study or the university you have chosen does not meet your expectations after all, or that you have simply chosen the wrong course of study.

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It may happen that in the course of your studies your interests change and you become enthusiastic about a different field or that your current university does not offer you enough freedom and opportunities.

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Better career opportunities

Sometimes it turns out that your current degree doesn’t offer you the best career opportunities, or that because of your changing interests, your current college no longer offers the best job prospects after graduation.

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Personal reasons

There are also personal reasons that may necessitate a change of major or college, such as a move to another city, family or work situation, desire for change, or desire to be able to experience new countries and cultures while still continuing to study.

Transferring to INU can open up a variety of new and exciting opportunities for you. Take your chance today and find out about your personal switching options!

If you still have questions and you would like to find out more about the recognition of your previous achievements, we are always at your disposal. We offer comprehensive academic advising and help you make the best decision for your future. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fit for the future

Our study programs at a glance

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Are you interested in a course of study at the interface between people, business, digitalization and globalization? And you want to put people at the center of your work?

Then the psychology program is just right for you.

Professional fields such as organizational consulting, human resources development, or occupational health and safety offer exciting tasks and attractive career options for psychologists.*

Have we aroused your interest?

At INU you can study psychology full-time or part-time, without NC and waiting semesters!

* The degree does not entitle the student to subsequent psychotherapeutic training!

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Are you interested in topics of business administration from the perspective of industrial and organizational psychology, market, advertising and media psychology or health psychology?

Then take a closer look at the Business Psychology program. Here you will learn strategies, methods and tools that can be used to adapt operational processes to the requirements of a globalized world without overburdening the working people or leaving them behind.

A degree from INU is the key to attractive job entry options and career opportunities in national as well as international management!

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

International Business Administration

You see your professional future in the international economy?
Are you interested in business and economic topics as well as legal issues?

The program allows you to focus on the topics of international management and marketing as well as sustainability. You will learn to develop solutions to current issues relating to digital transformation and optimization of business processes.
With its intercultural orientation, your degree in International Business Administration prepares you for a wide range of professional fields and a management position in nationally and internationally operating companies or organizations.

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Your personal guide through your studies: the INU APP

The INU is an innovative online university where you have great freedom to individually shape the general framework of your studies The INU APP plays the role of your personal educational assistant from day one until your university graduation, showing you the way from your application, through your studies and to your career.

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