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„We are proud that we have successfully completed all formal procedures and will now begin official study operations in Cologne as a state-recognized university under private sponsorship,“ says INU’s founding president Prof. Dr. Ute Gartzen-Wiegand. „We are ready to inspire our students with innovative learning and experiences as well as diverse options according to our motto „Study, Work & Travel“. Our slogan promises that the innovative concept will also allow those who are planning to study abroad or are pursuing a professional activity to take up a course of study.“

Studies at INU are extremely flexible in terms of time and space, can be completed full-time and part-time, and can thus be harmonized with individual needs. A „digital educational companion“ in the form of the INU APP, developed in-house, is provided for this purpose from the very beginning.

INU is looking for innovation fellows for the first INU generation, who can actively shape the development of the university and the study programs as an „innovator“. A total of 30 scholarships are available, 10 in each of the three full-time bachelor’s degree programs in Psychology (B.Sc.), Business Psychology (B.Sc.), or International Business Administration (B.A.). Scholarship recipients are offered a 100% tuition waiver for the entire course of study, which is the equivalent of nearly 20,000 EUR in tuition fees.

„We are looking for pioneering spirit and commitment to experience a new way of studying, traveling and working from the very first hour,“ says Prof. Dr. Ute Gartzen-Wiegand. „Our Innovation Scholars are part of the first INU generation and have the opportunity to actively shape the development of the program as an innovator while shaping the future of the university.“

INU offers its Innovation Scholars a unique opportunity not only to complete their studies, but also to build a community of like-minded individuals. As INU ambassadors, they can share their experiences and insights and advise future students on an equal footing. The application period runs until 17.04.2023.

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