The INU study program:
digital & personal

No moving to a new city, no commuting or traffic jams, environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Whether full-time or part-time, at INU you study completely online and are therefore flexible in zterms of time and location. All you need is internet access and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can access the material and study from anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. And if that’s not the case – when you’re on the move – you can easily download the learning videos and teaching materials in the INU App and then study offline later.

What does it mean to study online?

As an online degree program, the course content is taught in a mix of synchronous live online lectures and asynchronously available study materials such as learning videos, digital literature, self-tests and assignments that you work on in guided self-study. All learning content in the INU App is well-structured and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

You determine your daily study routine and your learning process!

With the online study program at INU, you learn at your own pace. You read the materials, watch the learning videos and work on the tasks as it best suits your schedule. No rigid schedules! And always available if you want to look at something again. Of course, you can also follow the INU structure of the course content and follow the recommended curriculum.

Learning resources for every learning style

The online study program at INU adapts to different learning styles: audiovisual, read-only, listen-only, self-paced and individual or in small study groups. With the INU App, you have mobile access to all study units at all times. You determine your learning rhythm and explore the learning content as and when it suits you.

Learning with the 24/7 professor avatars

Learn successfully with Artificial Intelligence, starting in SS 2024:
If you’re stuck on a topic and don’t quite understand the text, theory, model or principle, you can ask our AI-based professor avatars, who will support you 24/7 in your learning process and answer your questions as often as you like, choosing different forms of answers.

Take a look and get to know Prof. Ute Gartzen-Wiegand as a 24/7 learning avatar. Starting in the Spring Semester 2024, her avatar will always be at service for you.

100% digital -
100% personal

For all its digital nature, studying at the INU is still very personal. Weekly live online lessons and digital consultation hours with lecturers, digital learning groups and forums enable personal exchange and collaborative learning. In the virtual classroom and in the digital community, this also creates personal connections that contribute to academic success.

We focus on people

In times of artificial intelligence and digital teaching and learning, the “human-to-human-experience” is and remains an integral part of everyday study life and the study experience at INU.

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