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INU Innovative University is an online university where you can choose between full-time or part-time courses and where you study completely online, interactively and with maximum time flexibility. As a digital university, INU allows you to tailor your distance learning studies to your needs and gives you the perfect freedom to balance your studies, commitments and wishes according to your daily routines and schedule.
An innovative teaching concept combined with digital learning, AI-based learning tools and the INU App make studying at INU a special experience.

Study Programs

… focus on the interplay between management, psychology and technology in business, industry and society. Our study programs combine the fundamental concepts and perspectives of the respective professional fields to acquire expertise in managing the dynamics of modern organizations and develop a deep understanding of human behavior in the context of business, management and innovative technologies.

The programs combine knowledge with future skills to best prepare you for the challenges of the future. And this is not just about what is already known, but also about the ability to step into unfamiliar territory, think creatively and adapt quickly to new contexts and situations.

We look forward to accompanying you in your professional development and supporting you in preparing for your career and the working world of tomorrow.

Your tuition fees: attractive and price-conscious

You are offered a high-quality and innovative online study program.

These are the advantages of studying at INU

digital &

The innovative teaching concept at INU is based on 100% digital learning. You can expect short and concise learning units, digital learning materials and live online lessons.

Learn with our AI-based avatars: Ask your questions about the learning material when and how often you want. As AI-based 24/7 avatars, the INU lecturers are available to answer your questions interactively and at any time.

Immerse yourself in our digital learning world with the INU app: here you can study whenever your daily schedule allows, without a rigid schedule. And you can also complete the many formalities involved in studyingwith the INU APP without spending a lot of time.

personal &

Despite the studies being digital, INU is all about personal interaction and community. Studying in the INU digital community allows for interactive participation, collaborative learning and creative exchange in our “INUverse.”

Learning in a semester cohort enables an in-depth and collaborative study experience of the course content and promotes sustainable knowledge acquisition.

The lecturers will accompany you throughout your studies as learning coaches. You remain flexible in terms of time and space and determine your study routine as it suits you best.

Know-How &
Future Skills

Technical knowledge alone is no longer enough for the future. Future skills such as digital and transformative competencies paired with traditional skills are already essential tools of the trade and will become your “skillset” for working in the world of New Work.

Throughout your studies, you will further enhance your traditional skills such as problem solving, creativity and project management.

You will gradually acquire key digital and transformative skills, such as innovation skills, agile working and digital collaboration, as well as digital literacy and digital ethics.

Our study programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The 24/7 professor avatars
at INU

Starting in the Spring Semesters 2024, AI-based professor avatars will be on hand to answer your questions.

Studying with

The tailor-made INU-APP accompanies you throughout your studies with all teaching materials.

The best thing about it is:
You can access learning material at any time via the internet and organize your learning time flexibly. If your connection is poor, you can download content, save it in the app and study offline.

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