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Well equipped for your professional career with Future Skills...

…in the age of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and constant change. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is no longer just about acquiring specialist knowledge, but also about developing important future skills that are crucial for success in an increasingly digitalized and globalized society.

What are Future Skills?

Der Stifterverband Bildung. Wissenschaft. Innovation. identifies 21 skills for a changing world and summarizes the “future skills” required in our future work in four categories: Key Digital Skills, Technological Skills, Transformative Skills and Traditional Skills.

INU is therefore about more than just know how and expertise. The aim is to develop methodological, personal and social skills. Our study programs are designed to inspire students to think in an inquiring, analytical and creative way. We want to promote independent judgment, strengthen critical self-confidence and create an atmosphere in which students see themselves as active shapers of their own future. Our students should not only become experts in their field, but also visionary thinkers who take responsibility and actively shape social change.

The study programs at NU combine digital skills such as digital learning, digital collaboration and digital literacy with transformative skills such as innovation and change and traditional skills such as problem-solving skills, creativity, intercultural communication and entrepreneurial action & initiative. Projects and practical assignments provide numerous opportunities to apply and train these skills throughout your studies.

Source: Stifterverband Bildung. Wissenschaft. Innovation “Future Skills” 2021

Our teaching approach goes beyond the traditional teaching model by utilizing digital learning methodologies and tools. We create a learning environment that offers space for discovery, experimentation and growth.

Future skills in the INU study program

  • 1. Fundamentals & Know-How:

    We impart fundamental and advanced knowledge in the relevant disciplines. This forms the basis on which Future Skills build.

  • 2. critical thinking:

    You not only learn to memorize facts, but also to think critically and systemically and to analyze information.

  • 3. creativity and innovation:

    We encourage creative development and innovative thinking. From problem solving to developing ideas, you will learn to be innovative and take on new perspectives.

  • 4. communication and cooperation

    Future skills also include the ability to communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary teams. We strengthen your social skills and make you proficient in digital collaboration so that digital teamwork is successful.

  • 5. digital competence:

    In the digital age, mastering collaborative tools and technologies is essential. After your studies, you will be able to move confidently in the digital world.

  • 6. self-regulation and willingness to learn:

    Future skills also include the ability to self-organise and to be interested in lifelong learning. By develop these skills, you will be able to react and adapt flexibly to changes and ransformations. Because adaptive is the new agile!

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