Switch to a new University or
Change your Field of Study?

Many students in their first semesters are concerned about changing university or subject field. When is the best time to switch?

It depends on your individual situation. Changing colleges or majors in the first few semesters is often easier because you haven't taken as many exams yet and have invested less time and money.

So if you want to study "WoAnders", INU is the right choice for you!

Changing colleges or majors can be a wise decision for a variety of reasons.

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Sometimes it turns out that the type of study or the university you have chosen does not meet your expectations after all, or that you have simply chosen the wrong course of study.

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It may happen that in the course of your studies your interests change and you become enthusiastic about a different field or that your current university does not offer you enough freedom and opportunities.

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Better career opportunities

Sometimes it turns out that your current degree doesn’t offer you the best career opportunities, or that because of your changing interests, your current college no longer offers the best job prospects after graduation.

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Personal reasons

There are also personal reasons that may necessitate a change of major or college, such as a move to another city, family or work situation, desire for change, or desire to be able to experience new countries and cultures while still continuing to study.

Transferring to INU can open up a variety of new and exciting opportunities for you. Take your chance today and find out about your personal options to switch!

If you still have questions and you would like to find out more about the recognition of your previous achievements, we are always happy to assist. We offer comprehensive academic advice and help you make the best decision for your future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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