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We understand today's demands for flexibility and professional development and offer innovative educational programs that can be seamlessly integrated into your working environment.

100% digital, short and concise learning units, complementary live events and personal support, paired with the INU-APP - the solution for part-time study or further training for your employees.

Developing employees - retaining talent!

The INU Academy focuses on educational solutions that are suitable for both companies and individuals. Whether reskilling or upskilling, our aim is to support professional development by providing relevant qualifications and skills. Let's explore together which study programs and professional development courses we can offer your employees for the long term.

Professional expertise and career development: a win-win situation

Whether part-time study, further education or with selected certificate courses: the INU Academy's part-time courses are a win-win situation! Your company benefits from better qualified employees, while employees have the opportunity to acquire new skills and at the same time share them in their day-to-day work.

You would like to ...

…bind your employees to your company in the long term and enable them to qualify as specialists or managers?

In this case, our part-time study program is just right for all those who want to flexibly improve and expand their professional skills and qualifications.

  • 100% digital and flexible 8 semesters / 48 months
  • 3 modules per semester
  • 2 focus areas from the 5th semester
  • 180 ECTS – Bachelor’s degree
  • Start in April or October

You would like to ...

…give your employees the opportunity to gain further qualifications without having to decide on a full degree course straight away?

Then your employees have the opportunity to build up professional competence with or without a final examination and ECTS with the INU further training or certificate programs.

  • 100% digital and flexible
  • 14 weeks per module (flexible timing)
  • Modules from the INU study programs can be selected individually
  • Selectable specialization modules

Exciting opportunities in various areas of the company for your employees

INU Academy


As part of the psychology course , employees are prepared for a strategic role in workplace health promotion, e.g. in the area of human resources, in order to increase the well-being and performance of their team. Employees in technical areas who gain insights into psychology can also improve their interpersonal communication and team management skills. Psychological competence enables them to interact better with colleagues, customers and superiors. We also provide in-depth knowledge of personnel psychology in order to develop and implement effective strategies for psychological counseling in human resource management. Your employees are equipped to master the psychological aspects of personnel management and the challenges associated with corporate change processes and new forms of work.
INU Academy

Business Psychology

With the Business Psychology course, interested professionals are ideally prepared for psychological consulting in organizational development or marketing. Thanks to their expertise in advertising and media psychology and psychological market research, your employees will understand how emotional and psychological factors influence the impact of your marketing campaigns. This allows you to gain deeper insights into your company’s target groups and identify global trends.

INU Academy

International Business Administration

Our modules in international business administration are tailored to management positions at a strategic corporate level. For example, the modules International Corporate Strategy and International Economic Relations enable students to analyze and shape economic relationships on an international level in order to position their company in global markets. With a view to sustainable and ethical management, we promote the linking of ecological and social responsibility with economic success. The combination of business administration and psychology, for example, enables business administration experts to become more holistic and effective specialists in the dynamic world of work.

The extra-occupational
Part-time study at the INU

Long-term employee retention and qualification through our part-time study program.

B.A. International Business Administration

The career path leads to international business and international marketing management

B.Sc. Business Psychology

Business administration from the perspective of work and organizational psychology, market, advertising and media psychology or health psychology

B.Sc. Psychology

Qualification in the field of tension between people, economy, digitalization and change


INU continuing education and certificate programs

Our further training and certificate programs enable your employees to build up specialist expertise on a modular basis without committing to part-time study. Depending on individual requirements, the training can be completed with or without examinations.

Variant 1

Selection of a module as continuing education without a final examination and thus without awarding ECTS points. Use INU modules for further training and selective skills development.

Variant 2

Choice of a module with final examination and award of ECTS points . Successfully completed certificate courses can be credited towards a Bachelor’s degree.

The following modules are available as further training or certificate courses:

  • General psychology
  • Biological psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Basics of business administration
  • Agile Project Management
  • Digital Marketing and Business Models

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