Social Media
(B.A. in Accreditation)


8 Semester - 48 Monate


April 1 or October 1


225 Euro / Monat


Distance learning / Online



Breaking new ground online: Part-time study program in Social Media Management

Are you working and feel at home in the online world? Then turn your passion for social media into a profession with this part-time course! Develop creative ideas and innovative strategies for a successful business presence in the digital world with your online Bachelor’s degree. Learn how to develop effective strategies and put brands in the spotlight as a social media manager – all while working part-time!

What can you expect from the part-time social media course?

In the part-time Bachelor Social Media Management at INU, you will learn the strategies and concepts behind social media in experiential modules. How do you design targeted campaigns for different target groups and interests? How do you reach your target group online with compelling content? We will answer all these questions so that you can get started as a manager in the field of social networks.

We provide you with the tools you need for a comfortable study program, so you can stay in your job during your studies. If you have any questions about registration, tuition fees or the application process, we will be happy to help you.

Part-time study offers numerous advantages:

  • Companies are increasingly relying on social media to interact with their audience. This course will pave the way for your next career stage.
  • After all, the demand for social media management specialists is constantly increasing.
  • The course promotes creative thinking and innovative solutions.
  • Because you are working, you already have practical entrepreneurial experience and can apply everything directly!

Discover exciting course content: Strategies, Management, Production

The course content and modules in the part-time distance learning program not only cover social media, but also offer insights beyond that professional field. Basic business skills, management models and marketing principles form the basis. This is followed by training in social media management, influencer marketing and lifestyle management. A module in media and cultural studies rounds off your studies.

The entire social media workflow in part-time, digital studies

The part-time distance learning course covers the entire social media workflow – from target group identification and strategy development to technical implementation on the Web. Monitoring of campaigns using social media analysis tools is included. Start your part-time studies at our Online University conveniently and flexibly now!

Extend your Knowledge in Specializations

In your part-time studies, you decide which area you would like to specialize in. Perhaps your current job is already laying the foundation for your specialization? Choose your focus and deepen your knowledge and skills:

Graphics major
Graphic of a green line
Graphic of a green line
Graphic of a one

Option 1:

Choose two specializations from these three areas:

Graphic of a two

Option 2:

You choose a specialization from the Social Media Management degree program and another specialization from the International Business Administration or Business Psychology degree program. Here we offer you the following options:

From the International Business Administration degree program:

From the Business Psychology degree program:

These focus areas allow you to expand your knowledge and prepare you for themultifaceted requirements of the social media landscape .

The modules and content of your part-time degree program

Social Media Management (B.A.)

ECTS semester points
Module name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Subject area: Introduction to Self-Organized Learning*
Introductory Project for Self-Organized Learning
Subject area: Economic Skills
Fundamentals of Business Administration
Digital Marketing and Business Models
Agile Project Management
Business Simulation
Innovation Management und Entrepreneurship
Subject Area: Academic Work and Research Methods
Academic Work and Empirical Research Methods
Subject Area: Legal Skills
Legal Aspects of Social Media Management
Subject Area: Business English and Intercultural Competencies
Business English and Intercultural Communication
Subject Area: Social Media Management
Basics of Social Media Management
Social Media Campaigns
Brand and Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Social Responsibility in Social Media Management
Subject Area: Content Management
Journalistic Principles
Content Production and Management
Communication Psychology
Subject Area: Lifestyle Management
Lifestyle Management
Current Trends in the Lifestyle Sector
Subject Area: Influencer and Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Influencer Relations and Cooperations
Social Media Marketing and Advertising
Tools & Technology
Media Production I – Video, Image and Sound Technology
Media Production II – Audio and Video Production
Possible applications of AI and Technical Innovations
Mobile Marketing and Location-based Services
Subject Area: Electives
Specialisation I
5 5 5
Specialisation II
5 5 5
Subject area: Practical Skills
Case Study
Practical Project
Subject area: Bachelor Examination
Bachelor Thesis
Total ECTS semester points
25 25 25 20 20 20 25 25
Total overall ECTS points 180

* The introductory project on self-organized learning is an optional, extra-curricular module aimed at first-year students before the start of the lecture period, which provides knowledge of the online systems to be used in the course of study as well as methods for self-organization.

These can be chosen as the first and second Spcialisation

ECTS semester points
Module name
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Fitness, Health & Food
Fitness & Training
Nutrition & Well-being
Mindfulness & Mental Health
Fashion, Living & Trends
Sustainable Fashion & Living
Online Stores
Luxury & Lifestyle Marketing
Travel, Tourism & Events
Travel Tools & Technology
Sustainable Tourism
Event Management & Marketing

The second concentration may be chosen alternatively from the following options:

ECTS semester points
Module name
1 2 3 4 5 6
Personnel Psychology
Personnel Marketing and Recruiting
Personnel Diagnostics
Personnel Development and Personnel Appraisal
Behavioral Change and Sustainability in the Digital Transformation
Psychology of work and new forms of work
Digital Leadership and Management
Behavioral Change and Sustainability in the
Digital Transformation
Market, Advertising and Media Psychology
Market and Advertising Psychology
Media Psychology
Methods of Psychological Market Research

The second concentration may be chosen alternatively from the following options:

ECTS semester points
Module name
1 2 3 4 5 6
International Marketing Management
Strategic Planning in International Marketing Management
Instruments of International Marketing Management
Research, Analysis and Controlling in International Marketing Management
International Management
Intercultural Psychology
International Corporate Strategy
International Economic Relations
Sustainable management
International Management of Non-Profit Organizations
Sustainable Business Processes, Organization and Reporting
Sustainable Digital Future of Work and Life

After the part-time distance learning course, you will have mastered:

  • selecting the right social media channels for your target group, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Xing or LinkedIn.
  • the planning of social media strategies and campaigns.
  • the development of creative content and the production of audio, video and images.
  • compliance with legal and ethical guidelines in social media management.
  • establishing collaborations with influencers and communicating with them.
  • the sensible use of AI in content management and editorial planning.
  • the measurement of campaign success through social media monitoring and analysis tools.

Applications and Enrolment Open for the Winter Semester 2024

Your exciting career after graduating with an online degree:

The future is waiting for you: With your Bachelor’s degree in Social Media Management, you can pursue numerous career paths. Either you spice up your current job and look for new tasks here or you go completely new ways.

After your studies, you may feel just as much at home in an advertising agency as in a company. Or you can switch to the marketing department within a company and focus on social media campaigns and the entire social media presence, or you can start your own business. Many exciting areas of application are open to you:

Strategic Social Media Management

Develop social media strategies, know trends, research keywords, keep an eye on the competition and create reports on campaign success.

Influencers and Social Media Marketing

As a manager, build and maintain partnerships and collaborations with companies or other influencers. And in your chosen lifestyle areas of fitness, fashion or travel.

Content Creation and Content Management

Write and produce audio, video, text and images for social media, e.g. for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Xing or Linkedin or for the web as a content manager. You don’t just want to write texts, you want to organize and plan? Editorial plans and SEO are also on your agenda.

Community Management

As a Community Manager, you will be responsible for up-to-date communication with users on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Xing or Linkedin.

Key facts & fees

Degree type:
Bachelor of Art (B. A.)
Tuition fees:
225 Euro / month

1.350Euro / semester

10,800 Euro / total

no additional costs for enrollment and examinations
Study Duration:
8 semesters - 48 months
Start of course:
April 1 (summer semester)
October 1 (winter semester)
Application Deadline:
Accredited by the Accreditation Council Foundation
Form of implementation:
Distance learning
ECTS points:

Or would you like to start full-time? Perhaps our full-time social media management distance learning course is something for you!

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