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At INU, you study completely digitally. You learn in interactive groups in live online classes as well as individually online and offline in self-study. The INU app is your personal study companion with all learning materials bundled in one place and available at any time. The course content is clearly presented in short learning videos and is supplemented by additional digital learning materials.
Your studies are therefore largely self-determined and self-organized and give you a lot of freedom to flexibly organize your everyday life.

Synchronous and asynchronous
Studying at INU - What does that mean?

In online studies, a distinction is made between synchronous and asynchronous learning times.

Synchronous learning…

… takes place in real time as live online teaching in the virtual classroom, i.e. all students and lecturers dial in for the seminar at the same time on an online platform – the virtual classroom – and learn in an interactive exchange.

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Asynchronous learning…

… is not bound to fixed times. This means that all learning materials can be completed in self-study with free time management and choice of learning location. Learning tasks, case studies and projects also fall into these periods outside of synchronous teaching. The exchange with lecturers and other students as well as the sharing and discussion of information and topics takes place via chats or forums.

Advantages of synchronous learning

students and teachers come together in real time – only digitally – just like in face-to-face teaching in a classroom

Live online teaching enables a direct exchange between students and teachers

You can ask all your questions, discuss topics, find solutions and receive direct feedback

Some fixed lesson times in the otherwise very flexible curriculum are a very good anchor for structure and time management

Advantages of asynchronous learning

Students can work through the learning materials and course content at their own pace and devote themselves to the topics with varying degrees of intensity.

Especially students with different commitments can plan their learning activities freely.

Students are in control of their own learning progress. They have control over when they access learning materials, complete tasks and participate in discussions.

Lecturers provide pre-recorded lectures, learning videos and other learning materials in the INU app. Students can then go through these at a time of their choice.

Learning nuggets instead of long lectures

At INU, learning content is presented in short, focused units, so-called learning nuggets, which enable you to absorb and process the learning content in clear and descriptive “portions”. In contrast to long lectures, learning nuggets make it easier to integrate learning flexibly and efficiently into your everyday life, as they can be absorbed in short time slots.

Location-independent tests

Of course, a degree course also includes examinations, e.g. in the form of written exams, oral exams or written assignments. Even here, the INU gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to take written or oral exams from any location. All you need is a PC or laptop with a camera and microphone and, if necessary, a smartphone.

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