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INU Innovative University is an online university where you can choose between full-time or part-time courses and where you study completely online, interactively and with maximum time flexibility. As a digital university, INU allows you to tailor your distance learning studies to your needs and gives you the perfect freedom to balance your studies, commitments and wishes according to your daily routines and schedule.
An innovative teaching concept combined with digital learning, AI-based learning tools and the INU App make studying at INU a special experience.

A vision for sustainability, accessibility and flexibility in digital education

The INU not only shapes education, but also has a special vision: the combination of digitalization, education and personal exchange. Our aim is to make your studies more sustainable, accessible and flexible. The focus here is on an innovative learning experience that adapts to every stage of your life – no matter where you are.

We see ourselves not just as a university, but as a community, the “INUversum”, which is there for you. We create a supportive environment so that you can get the most out of your studies – individually and according to your needs. At the INU, everything revolves around you not only acquiring knowledge, but also experiencing personal development. With us, you can be sure that we will accompany and support you on your journey and beyond, so that you experience the ideal adaptation to your needs at every stage of your studies.

Study Programs

… focus on the interplay between management, psychology and technology in business, industry and society. Our study programs combine the fundamental concepts and perspectives of the respective professional fields to acquire expertise in managing the dynamics of modern organizations and develop a deep understanding of human behavior in the context of business, management and innovative technologies.

The programs combine knowledge with future skills to best prepare you for the challenges of the future. And this is not just about what is already known, but also about the ability to step into unfamiliar territory, think creatively and adapt quickly to new contexts and situations.

We look forward to accompanying you in your professional development and supporting you in preparing for your career and the working world of tomorrow.

Well equipped
into the future

No matter which degree course you choose: A degree from the INU is a valuable international and intercultural qualification that prepares you for an interesting and responsible professional life in Germany, in Europe and worldwide! You get deep into the major issues of our time in the context of sustainability, digitalization and globalization, analyze their impact on business and society, and acquire knowledge and strategies to develop answers to pressing questions in your field.

With all this you create the perfect conditions for a quick career start and great career opportunities!

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